To promote reasonable methods of  work, secure standardized pay, and  seek security for the individual by  legal and proper means. 

To unite in one organization all persons employed in an educational support capacity by BESPA-CA. 

Due to the current health Crisis 2020 elections have been
Postponed until Further Notice!!

The following positions will be up for re-election when a date has been chosen. 
Co-President B 


  General Representatives
Information from the Election Committee will be sent out on how you can seek a nomination if you would like to join the board.
Once we have approval from the state for allowable large gatherings we will let you know.


Stay Home...Stay Healthy
We hope you and your family are following all health and Safety guidelines as well as using appropriate precautions if you must go out. 
​If you are in need of something please do not hesitate to let one of your board members know.
​We will help if we are able!

   CABOCES BOE Meetings

 BESPA-CA Board Meetings

4:15 PM @ TBA

Held Every 2nd Wednesday
​ of the Month.

Watch Our Facebook for Important Updates!


 "A Union United; Will  NEVER Be Divided"

B.O.C.E.S Educational Support Personnel association

Cattaraugus - Allegany

 To represent the support personnel in collective  negotiations with Cattaraugus/Allegany BOCES in the  determination of their terms and conditions of employment  and administration of grievances arising there under.

To assist each other in distress, promote unity and strength, and encourage legislation and public support f our Association.

If you are in a meeting with a supervisor and you feel uncomfortable you have the right to request representation!!!  If your supervisor says anything other than OK... YOU NEED TO  ask "Are you denying me representation?" If they continue to speak about the issue stop talking and when you are done with your meeting contact Deanna (716) 376 8300 or Anne (716) 307 3720 immediately


​​The BESPA-CA scholarship is funded by the members of CA-BOCES Educational Support Personnel Association, and is available to graduating seniors whose parent/guardian or grandparent is a registered active member of the BESPA-CA Union. The scholarship is to be used for Accredited Continuing Education. The recipients will be chosen by an organized 3 person team not belonging to the BESPA-CA bargaining unit. Additional information and application will be emailed to all members by the Scholarship Committee. For a copy of the application please go to our Links and Resources tab.