B.O.C.E.S Educational Support Personnel association

Cattaraugus - Allegany


Co-President (A) 2 yr.term

Membership 2yr. term

Secretary 2 yr. term

Officers and Representatives - 2 year term.  To run for office of President/Co-President a minimum of 2 years must be served as 
Membership, Secretary,  Treasurer, General or Teacher Aide Representative.

Election nomination form for office held positions must be submitted to the Nominations and Elections Committee 
10 days prior to the day of election.  

*Floor nominations will not be accepted for the President positions. And additional nominations will only excepted at the discretion of the board.
Representative held positions. A nomination form is recommended but NOT required.  Floor nominations for Representatives 
will be accepted. 
Standing Committees - 2 yr term. Nominated and appointed at time executive board elections.  Committee positions may be
 by nomination or on volunteer basis.  *Floor nominations for standing committees will be accepted.​


 "A Union United; Will  NEVER Be Divided"


Co-President (A) 2yr. term

Membership 2yr. term

Secretary 2yr. term

 To represent the support personnel in collective  negotiations with Cattaraugus/Allegany BOCES in the  determination of their terms and conditions of employment  and administration of grievances arising there under.



Co-President (B) 2yr. term

Treasurer- 2yr. term


Co-President (B) 2 yr. term

Treasurer 2 yr. term


​      ​​​2023-2024 OFFICERS & REPRESENTATIVES

  Laurie Sledge - Co-President (B) – Olean Center Barn (716)376-8357
  Anne Raymond - Co-President (A) – Olean Center Barn (716)307-3720
  Valerie Berger – Membership – BOCES Rise Academy 
  Joan Haynes - Treasurer - Olean Center Barn (716)376-8208

  Mary McCarthy - Secretary - Olean BOCES Center (716)376-8211

  Danielle Rhude – Teacher Aide Rep – Genesee Valley (585)307-4384

  General Rep - Vacancy

  General Rep - Vacancy
​  Teacher Aide Rep - Vacancy

To assist each other in distress, promote unity and strength, and encourage legislation and public support f our Association.

To unite in one organization all persons employed in an educational support capacity by BESPA-CA. 

 To promote reasonable methods of  work, secure standardized pay, and  seek security for the individual by  legal and proper means. 

  Teacher Aide Representatives (2) 
  General Representatives (2)  


  NYSUT State Delegates (2)  

  NYSUT National Delegates (2)   

*Elected by Secret Ballot




*Nominations and Elections - 3 active members not currently running for office

*Negotiations Committee - 4 active members

*Grievance Committee - Current Executive

*Public Relations Committee - 3 active members

*Sick Bank Leave Committee - 
*Audit Committee - 2 active members to conduct yearly financial review

*Liaison Committee - Consists of President/Co-President, active member 

*Website Committee